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{September 1, 2011}   12 Minute Bento – Step by Step

Yeah, yeah. It’s been awhile. I know.

 I am getting very excited because the kidling starts “real” school in about a week and she’s decided that she wants me to make her a bento for lunch each day too. So now I’m all inspired and I decided to take photos and time myself while making today’s bento.

Get out the food.

Get out the tools

Make onigiri. I used a pouch of salmon to stuff them this time. 1/2 a pouch for 2 fairly large rice balls.

Add stuff. Here I’m filling in with cherry tomatoes and a cucumber salad. The salad is tucked into a silicone lined paper cup. There’s a bit of fried, seasoned tofu tucked in the box too. I also topped the rice with a vegetable furikake (seaweed sprinkles). We’re half done! 7 minutes on the clock…  Yes those are picked onions (delicious!) but they didn’t make it into today’s box. Back into the fridge they went.

The rest of the bento.  More fried tofu and a silicone cup to hold a wet salad.

And finish it off.  Beet and orange salad. Pickled daikon and carrot. And I tucked a couple more cherry tomatoes in there too.

I’m having a cut up peach for dessert. Not sure if this counts as a bento, but it IS in a bento box. 🙂    12 minutes start to finish. Another minute or so to put everything away. Easy peasy!


{April 2, 2010}   Back to Bento!

Back to Bento!

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After a long pause from doing bentos I’m back! This one is just some dinner leftovers paired with whatever else I had in the fridge.

Rice with teriyaki furikake.

Sweet potatoes, meat balls, broccoli, yellow squash, radishes and carrot slices.

Healthy lunch!

{January 5, 2010}   Another Sushi Bento

Another Sushi Bento

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It’s time to go grocery shopping! This was pulled together with what I had in the fridge.

Left-to-right: More of the daikon pickles, pickled ginger, tomago, cucumber-wasabi rolls, spam-avocado maki rolls.

There is soy sauce in my desk at work. Fruit! We’re out of fruit! I must remedy that stat!

{January 4, 2010}   Quick Bento

Quick Bento

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This took about 8 minutes, start to finish.

Rice with teriyaki furikake. This would have been a vegetarian bento, but there is fish in the furikake.

On the right: squash balls, quails eggs, carrots, heirloom cherry tomatoes, snow peas and quick daikon pickle.

et cetera