Touch of Nectar

{January 14, 2012}   You’re Doing it Wrong!

Yeah. That’s me talking to myself.

Isn’t there some sort of rule? Don’t go to the grocery store hungry.  Don’t go to the grocery store without a list. Don’t go to the grocery store before you’ve written up the menu for the week.

Yeah, well… I’m a rule breaker. Apparently. Oops.

I needed a couple of things. Just a couple I swear. Then I got to thinking… Why go to the grocery store twice in one week if I don’t really have to. And that’s where the trouble began.  I have most of a menu written up for the week (see below) and had a list. It just wasn’t with me.  I did manage to get everything on the list. And then some.  I picked up a couple of things for the One Pan Wonders blog as well.

It’s a good thing I’m wicked good at freezer tetris.  Pork tenderloin was on sale (finally!!) and ground turkey was buy one get one free. Neither were on my (ahem, incomplete!) menu, but they are now.  The pork will be three dinners worth with ample leftovers, so it will carry over to future weeks. I made a simple teriyaki marinade and froze two portions. The third portion we ate last night with amble leftovers. I’m thinking pork fried rice should be on the menu soon.

The ground turkey will be meatballs. Lots and LOTS of meatballs.  Good timing too, since I just used up the last ziplock stash of freezer meatballs.  I have some fake meat stuff that I was sent to try awhile ago and one of the suggestions is to mix it with ground meat to make burgers/meatballs healthier. I think I’ll try that this time around. I’ll try and remember to blog about the results.

Surprisingly enough, I still stayed under budget. JUST under budget.  $95.41.

Now here’s the (slightly incomplete) menu for the week:

Mon: Turkey Meatballs – Maybe some sort of Sweedish Meatball dish with egg noodles?

Tue: Lemon Lime Tilapia ( #281121), rice, broccoli

Wed: BBQ chicken sandwiches, slaw, french fries

Thur: Pierogis, cabbage, leftover pork

Fri: CORN/Leftovers

Sat: Pork fried rice, salad, (are there dumplings or egg rolls in the freezer?)

Sun: undecided

Lunches: Cheesy Quinoa Bites (pinterest – quinoa in the freezer), some sort of kale/bean salad?

Other: kidling wants blueberry waffles. Easy enough.


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