Touch of Nectar

{January 10, 2012}   Back to the Bentos. And Budget.

Okay, the new fridge has arrived!  I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon restocking and reorganizing. The new fridge has a slightly different set up than the old one, so I need to come up with some new ideas. My shelf racks won’t work in the freezer any more.  Suggestions welcome!  I am, however, still using my deli trays for jams and jellys.  A little sad because this fridge doesn’t have the extra small drawer that I used to stash cheese in.  Tupperware, maybe? 

I also went grocery shopping!  I’m at $95.57 for this week, with a couple more things (quails eggs, won ton wrappers…) left to buy. I may JUST squeek in under the $100 mark. Yikes.  On the other hand, I’d like to make some room in the freezer, so I think next week’s menu will be based heavily on that.

Anyway… back to the bentos!   I made a delicious salad last night. Barley and Lentil from my “Beyond the Moon” cookbook. I had lentils cooked and ready to go in the freezer (and not everything fit when putting stuff in the new one!) so this came together in no time.

For my bento today, I paired it with some grape tomatoes and a green salad.  And a tiny slice of cake, which I also made last night. Nom!  I’ll post that recipe later.


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