Touch of Nectar

{October 31, 2011}   Happy Halloween Bentos

First hers

Is it just me or does her pumpkin look like he’s saying “how YOU doin’?” LOL. That’s what I get for rushing. I obviously need some smaller cutters too. I found some (but didn’t buy them) this weekend… they are made for cutting tiny shapes out of clay. Perfect! Soon. Very soon.

In the box is roast beef sandwiches (under the pumpkin made of cheese), black olives, quails eggs, dried mangos, half a banana and some carrot slices.

And mine…

I tried to keep it pretty simple.

In the upper box is pickled green beans, shiitake mushrooms and roast beef sandwiches. That white thing was supposed to look like a ghost. There are some black olives and dried mangos hidden underneath everything too.

In the lower box is orange slices, plums, cheese and veggies. I have a little container of Green Goddess dressing to dip those in.


Diana says:

Thanks for participating at Bento Blog Network! Voting for your 5 favorite Halloween bentos has been enabled for today & tomorrow. I’ve also added your blog to the blog roll on the sidebar.

Thank you so much! I’m having fun with the network. I need to update my bento blog roll on my sidebar as well. 🙂

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