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{October 3, 2011}   The Menu this Week. October 1-7 2011

The Menu this Week. October 1-7 2011

I have less than 100 recipes to go to complete Project 365! I have made  recipes. I think I got behind in the last couple of weeks because I have been traveling and not doing a lot of cooking.

As usual, these are most likely not in the order that I will make them. I’ve been trying to get the husband and kidling to eat more fruits and vegetables so I will also serve  grapes, pineapple and/or oranges with dinner. And bread. Always with the bread.

Hubby requested corn on the cob this week and the kidling wants (as always!!) chicken legs.  They wanted home-baked cookies yesterday, so I made spider web sugar cookies. I’m out of eggs and we don’t really need more baked goodies right now, so the baking recipes may get pushed into next week. We’ll see how many of the cookies hubby ends up eating between now and the weekend.

It looks like I’m making a ton of food for lunches, but these will be scaled down to 1-2 servings. I like a lot of variety.

Sat – Quick Quesadillas – 365 20 Minute Meals

Sun – Linguini with Quick White Clam Sauce – 365 20 Minute Meals

Mon – Sausage Rice Skillet with Broccoli – 365 One Dish Meals

Tues – Ploughman’s Chicken – 1001 Low Fat Recipes (had this last night. AMAZING!)


Wed –  CORN – Clean Out Refrigerator Night – leftovers

Thurs – Fish Teriyaki – 1001 Low Fat Recipes

Fri – Macaroni and Cheese with Smoked Ham – 365 20 Minute Meals

Lunches –  Easy Quinoa Temaki from 365 Quinoa (this didn’t work)
Mini Hamburgers (freeze ½ or more) from Just Bento (very good!)
Chestnut Rice from Just Bento (good)
Carrot Rice from Just Bento
Tofu Soboro from Just Bento
Shiitake Teriyaki from Just Bento

Other – Quinoa Carrot and Lentil Stew (freeze ½ or more) from 365 Quinoa
Cranberry Orange Loaf from 365 Quinoa (freeze ½)
Top Banana Bars (freeze ½) from Easy Everyday Low Carb

Good publish, adding that to my personal blog now, thanks.

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