Touch of Nectar

{September 15, 2011}   Just a Little Dumpster Diving…

Well sort of…

My husband does building maintainence for several buildings and has first dibs on things people have left behind. Yesterday he called me at work to ask if I wanted a new storage unit (for my bento goodies). Sure! Bring it home. If it doesn’t work out we can always give it to someone else.

Ohhhh… He has no idea what he’s done!  I have room for more goodies now. Muwahahaha… 

First of all the little unit is cute. Nice little drawers and the whole thing is on wheels. It fits perfectly where I wanted to put a storage unit.

The drawers are nice and deep. I moved my furoshikis out of the storage in the living room and put them in the new one.

And the bento boxes fit in the drawers! That was what I was most concerned about.  He’ll be happy that the boxes aren’t sitting out “cluttering up the kitchen” now.  I’m happy to have an organizational system for my bento boxes, rice molds and other goodies.

Yay for being organized and Double YAY for free stuff!!


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