Touch of Nectar

{September 13, 2011}   Back to School Bentos

A couple of kindergarter bentos from this week. She is sooooo excited both about her lunches and her new school. Win win.

First, a simple wrap bento. Tortillas with ham, cheese and lettuce. apricots, grape tomatoes and carrots fill out the box. The kidling loves “circle cheese” so I tucked one of those in for her as well. I let her pick which cute little animal pick she would like to decorate the box.  A frozen juice box keeps everything cold.

Amazingly enough, everything (even the turtle pick!) returned! Yay kid!

And today she doesn’t have school, but she is hanging out at work with me, so I packed both of us a bento lunch.

Very simple, but it should keep her happy. PB&J sandwich, veggies and tomato-ham-cheese skewers. Goldfish crackers for an afternoon snack.

Terri says:

So cute! I used to pack lunches like that. Now they pack their own.

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