Touch of Nectar

{September 7, 2011}   Fridge Stash Bento

This is sort of what it looks like when it is time to go grocery shopping for veggies!

For this bento, I am using a few bento staples. On the left is an onigiri seasoned with teriyaki bonito furikake. I make a large batch of sushi rice almost every week and use it throughout the week.

I pulled krab sticks from the freezer a couple of days ago. You will see them in bentos later this week too. The carrot and daikon are a water bath canned pickle. Great to have a jar in the fridge!

Boiled eggs are great for bento! I do about a half dozen at a time.  I actually broke out the punches today. Pretty little nori flowers.

On the right is more staples. Zydeco green beans. More water bath canning. I’m already through my first batch of these and had to do a second batch! I may do a third, just so I can have enough to get me through the winter. They are that good!

The bento was a little dark, so I brightened it up with cherry tomatoes, which I almost always have in the fridge, and some pickled cocktail onions.

A new to me bento staple is dried shiitake mushrooms. Makiko, from Just Bento, suggests keeping a jar of them soaking in water in the fridge. Brilliant!

Also in this box, for a touch of sweetness, are fresh figs. I saw these at the vegetable market the other day and couldn’t resist.


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