Touch of Nectar

{September 6, 2011}   ORGANIZED!!!

There is something about the fall and (this year!!) the beginning of a new school year that sends me into a cleaning and organizing frenzy.

Plus the kidling will be taking her lunch to school each day. I NEED to be organized and able to find things quickly.

I spent a good chunk of my holiday weekend, between barbeque hopping and popsicle eating, giving my kitchen a full on cleaning and organizing.  Boy do I feel good about it now! It was a lot of work…  And no, I won’t show you before photos of my nasty kitchen. LOL.

First I tackled the fridge. Everything out! Any old and/or expired food got tossed. Then the shelves and doors got wiped down.

Then everything went back in, but in an organized fashion. I added a deli tray where the jams, jellies and syrups now rest. Drips be gone! Easier clean up.

Beverages also went back to the top shelf since those are something that is used often.

Meat went back to the bottom shelf where they belong. My fridge has a funny design and sometimes things get lost because I can’t see them, so there is a second deli tray on the bottom shelf for leftovers. This will act like a pull-out tray so I can actually find stuff in there again.

The door of the fridge got organized too!

Sauces on the 1st shelf, pickles on the second, various beverages and large bottles on the bottom. Yes, that is duct tape. Stupid door. And you can’t just replace the bar. Hubby has checked.

Next I tackled my cupboards. Again, everything out. All the stale or crumbled stuff got thrown out.  Things I bought for who knows what reason and will never eat got put into a “donate” bag. I had like 10 packages of rice noodles in there. Really? REALLY? Geez.

I’m loving the use of the bins/boxes to keep things from sliding around so much. It is sooooo much easier to find stuff now!

Top shelf has baking mixes and dessert items. Jello, puddings, frostings and canning supplies.

The second shelf has ready-to-eat foods (bento!!), sauces, peanut butter, nutella, tuna and salmon pouches, sun-dried tomatoes.

The bottom shelf has pasta. There is some rice and pasta mixes behind and to the left. My cupboards are deep and L-shaped.

And the spice cupboard!

Baking supplies and cake/cookie decorations on the top shelf.

Why do I have empty spice jars in my cupboard. EMPTY?!  Into the recycle bin they go!

Spices that I don’t use too often on the second shelf. Hidden there to the right (behind the Korean red pepper flakes) is a (new!!) basket that contains nori sheets, instant sea weed salads and other dried seaweed products for my bentos.

On the bottom shelf are my common herbs and spices.  The box on the right contains 6 different kinds of furikake.

I love using the lazy Susans for all of the little stuff. I’ve been doing that for years and they are REALLY worth the small investment.

I also organized my lower cupboards, but I did not take photos. (I can if y’all want to see).  But more boxes and organizing of things. I moved the canned fruits and other fruit snacks so they are all together. Pouches of instant mashed potatoes are stored in yet another shoe box.

This was a great way to do a kitchen inventory and a much needed cleaning session.   I’m ridiculously excited about my clean and organized kitchen now.

I do have plans for one more major upgrade… for the bento goodies… stay tuned.


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