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{December 9, 2010}   Everything Bento

Everything Bento

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Fancy bento – cleaning out the fridge. A little bit of everything in there.

On the left (from the top down): sweet potatoes, corn, cheese, beets, carrot flowers, green beans wrapped in ham slices, stuffed mushrooms and grape tomatoes.

On the right (from the top down): grapefruit and grapes with carrot flowers, green beans, apricots, meatball and kale with ginger and seaweed.

Fancy chocolate for dessert.


{December 8, 2010}   Cleaning out the fridge bento


Originally uploaded by dicentragirl

On the left: Corn with red bell pepper flowers, Brussels sprouts, grape tomatoes, yellow squash, roast beef rolled around green beans, grapefruit with nori flowers.

On the right: grapes, soy nuts, chicken rolls, grape tomatoes and apricots with nori flowers.

et cetera