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{October 22, 2010}   Leftover Dinner Bento

Leftover Dinner Bento

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On the left – miso-ginger turkey burger, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, chickpea and fennel salad, yellow bell pepper and radishes.

On the right – pomegranite and grapes, rice and tomatoes.


{October 15, 2010}   How Diner Becomes a Bentop

First, dinner! Oven roasted pork tenderloin, Israeli couscous risotto with shiitakes, steamed peas, scalloped potatoes and fresh tomatoes. BIG dinner with lots of leftovers.

Since I have to put the leftovers away anyway, I made my lunch as I cleaned up.The squash and kale are from dinners earlier in the week.

On the left is lemon herb pork tenderloin, cornichons, sauteed kale, radishes, sliced quail egg and sweet pepper flowers.

On the right is shiitake Israli coucous risotto, yellow squash, snap peas (underneath), cherry tomatoes. sweet pepper flowers.

{October 14, 2010}   Taco Bento Step by Step

Another step by step blog. Start to finish, including getting everything out, clean up AND photos, this took aabout 15 minutes.

Get all the food out of the fridge.

Get your tools and box ready.

Line one side of the larger tier with lettuce. This is optional, but I think it looks prettier if you do it.

Add the rice. I’m using leftover Basmati rice here, but you could use whatever you have.

Yellow squash for a baran (divider). The yellow adds a bit of color to the box.

Fill the rest of the box with taco meat. Again, this is all dinner leftovers.

Cherry tomatoes for filler and a sprinkling of paprika on the rice for color.

And we move on to the top tier. A silicone cup filled with a corn and chayote saute. Seasoned lightly with chili powder.

Some lettuce for color and texture.

Sweet bell pepper slices.

A couple of radishes for color.

Gotta fill in all those gaps! Snow peas to the rescue.

Hmmm… needs a little something more. Cilantro garnish and we’re done! Black plum for dessert/snack.

{October 14, 2010}   Panchan Bento!

Panchan Bento!

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Panchan bento!

Left to right: sweet pepper, mushrooms, home grown cherry tomatoes, Korean beef, sesame spinach, kimche.

{October 12, 2010}   Tuesday Bento


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On the left – daikon with orange zest and red wine vinegar, sauteed kale, quails eggs, diced peaches.

On the right – sauteed mushrooms, snow peas, home grown cherry tomatoes, rice pilaf.

Pocky and Hanson’s soda for a treat.

{October 11, 2010}   A Step by Step Bento

Since I have a few friends who are getting into bento making, I thought I would do a step-by-step description with photos for them.

First, the tools. Bento box, chopsticks, knife, onigiri mold. Not shown are the silicone cupcake liners and cookie cutter I used. This bento took 15 minutes start to finish, including making the onigiri and taking photos. Most of my bentos take closer to 10 minutes to make.

Most of my bentos depend on dinner leftovers. This one is no different. The onigiris are stuffed with sauteed spinach and mushrooms.

Now to fill out the rest of the box. I depend on silicone cupcake liners a lot. I filled this one with diced peaches, then used grape tomatoes to fill the gaps. Miso chicken (dinner leftovers) takes up a good portion of the box as well.

A little fancy cut bell pepper for decoration. Those onigiri looked so plain…

A couple of sliced radishes, enoki mushrooms and radish sprouts round out the rest of the box.

And just to prove it all fits with the lid on…

{October 8, 2010}   Elmo Bento?


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I swear I wasn’t trying to make Elmo! The red box makes it look that way though, huh? It was supposed to be more Halloween (creepy) like.

Pretzels, black cherry jello with mandarin oranges, grape tomatoes, carrot coins below sliced avocado.

sauteed kale. The onigiri (eyeyballs) are filled with ginger-miso chicken. Corn.

et cetera