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Time to Go Grocery Shopping Bento

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Had to get creative for this one! Out of cooked rice, no dinner leftovers… I did manage to keep it vegetarian.

So I broke into to the backpacking food stash and quickly made some plain couscous. I had some leftover veggies and garbanzoes, so I tossed those with Trader Joes yellow curry sauce. One boiled egg left, half and apple and a kiwi.

Whew! Time to restock the fridge!


{January 5, 2010}   Another Sushi Bento

Another Sushi Bento

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It’s time to go grocery shopping! This was pulled together with what I had in the fridge.

Left-to-right: More of the daikon pickles, pickled ginger, tomago, cucumber-wasabi rolls, spam-avocado maki rolls.

There is soy sauce in my desk at work. Fruit! We’re out of fruit! I must remedy that stat!

{January 4, 2010}   Quick Bento

Quick Bento

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This took about 8 minutes, start to finish.

Rice with teriyaki furikake. This would have been a vegetarian bento, but there is fish in the furikake.

On the right: squash balls, quails eggs, carrots, heirloom cherry tomatoes, snow peas and quick daikon pickle.

et cetera