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{December 31, 2009}   Pretty Bento

Pretty Bento

Originally uploaded by dicentragirl

No theme today, just pulling out whatever is in the fridge. It’s pretty though, isn’t it? And vegetarian!

That’s one of my New Years resolutions. Eat more vegetarian and vegan meals. Lunch is the perfect opportunity since I don’t have to share… bring on the quinoa! The chickpeas! The tofu! And mushrooms. Lots and lots of mushrooms… Nom! But I digress… Back to the box.

On the left: raspberries, baked savory tofu, heirloom cherry tomatoes, quails eggs and squash balls (based on this recipe)

On the right: yellow bell pepper and rice squares

I also have some banana yogurt and sliced kiwi for breakfast.

And since so many people have asked how long it takes to put my bento lunches together, I timed myself this morning. This box took 16 minutes, which includes getting everything out of the fridge, slicing veggies, packing the lunch, putting everything away and cleaning up.


Waffeln says:

mouth-watering! *). Thanks for sharing

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