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{December 28, 2009}   New Box Bento

New Box Bento

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Oh yes. Another box. I still haven’t shown you the other two I bought for myself for giftmas!

I was at H-mart yesterday, partially for entertainment and partially to actually do some grocery shopping, when I spotted this box in with the kitchen supplies. It is one I have seen HapaBento use. I admire her greatly. Her bentos are always gorgeous and tasty-looking. The box was only $5ish so I snagged it! The H-mart by me is pretty well stocked with bento supplies right now! Yay!

They had some really pretty family/picnic sized ones… I promised the kidling we’d come back and get one of those for this summer. It would be really fun to take a bento to the beach. We do a lot of picnics at the beach in the summer anyway.

The individual containers don’t have lids, but they are fairly deep (2 inches?). There is a lid that snaps tight over the whole box. And I like the colors of the individual containers. The lid and sides are clear plastic.

I didn’t intentionally do a vegan bento, but I’m pleased it turned out that way. In today’s box:

Red container – mushrooms stir fried in sesame oil.
Yellow – onigiri with sesame-salt furikake and snow peas
Purple – heirloom cherry tomatoes, onigiri
Green – baked savory-flavor tofu, steamed bok choy

I also stuck in a jelly candy and a couple of containers of soy sauce. I am going to be eating a ton of those jellys. I bought a HUGE variety container of them (for just under $3). The lichi flavor is especially yummy.

Other stuff I managed to find at H-mart:
lots of veggies, tofu skins for inarizushi, two kinds of kimchi, seaweed salad, hijiki, fish balls, furikake, canned pork curry (it was good!) chopsticks and a bunch of various dim-sum to stock my freezer with.

I took a lot of time shopping (like over 2 hours) and it was sample day, so the kid stayed happy too. I’m am very pleased with myself that I am beginning to recognize some of these “strange” ingredients and know how to prepare them. The kid did want me to buy chicken feet. I had to say no to that one…


hapabento says:

First of all, THANK YOU for the shout out! This bento box has been by far the most asked about style of all my boxes!

Your bento looks fabulous and very delish. Don’t you just love those baked tofu!

Thanks again, love your blog and I’m saving it as a favorite.

You are so welcome! Your blog is one I visit daily (or did until I found the flickr groups.) You’ve taught me a lot. Thank YOU! 🙂

The baked tofu is fantastic! No prep. Just cut and eat. Nom!

Jindanasan says:

I love that box. Saw it on hapabento’s website and tried to find somewhere to buy it online but couldnt find it.
Do you have by any chance the name of the manufacturer that was on the packaging?

I found mine at H-mart. I’ll check and see if I can find the manufacturer, but it was made in Japan. Ask Hapa too?

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