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{October 14, 2009}   Fall Harvesting – Part 1 – Rose Hips

Last weekend I met a friend over at our property in eastern Washington to harvest blue elderberries and rose hips. More on the berries later.

Here’s the rose hip haul:

And hear they are all cleaned up. We got about 10 cups worth of hips. The jelly recipe called for 8 cups so I’m letting the rest of the hips dry for teas.

I made jelly using this recipe: Rose Hip Jelly

This was my first attempt at jelly making so it was a bit of an adventure. I skipped putting the butter in.

First you boil the hips

When they were softened, I took my stick blender to them (I don’t have a food processor). This might have been overkill.

Then I set the mashed hips to drain on cheesecloth.

Here’s where I think I took a slightly wrong turn. The hips weren’t draining, too thick, so I poured boiling water over them to get out all the juices. I squeezed the cheesecloth too. This worked, but I forgot to measure the liquid when I was done. Oops!

Boil the liquid and add sugar and pectin

Then skim off the foam

And into the jars it went.

Processed in a boiling water bath

And we have jelly… or not.

Pretty isn’t it?

Only… It didn’t look like the jelly had set up. I had jar after jar of rose hip syrup! Yummy, but not what I was going after. I knew that jelly could be re-processed, so I did a bit of googling… And found this recipe for fixing jams and jellys.

Ahhh… I think there’s part of the problem! There’s no lemon juice in the original recipe. No acid. So the jelly has now been reprocessed (except for 4 jars – those can just be syrup) and it looks thicker. Now it’s a waiting game. It can take weeks for jelly to fully set up. I’m so impatient!!


Susan says:

Rose hip syrup is yummy on puddings such as semolina or rice. We used to get it added to these in school dinners as a source of vitamin c!

I have a recipe bookmarked for it,

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