Touch of Nectar

{September 21, 2009}   Jam, Jam and More Jam… Whew!

I decided, after picking an abnoxious amount of blackberries and having been gifted an entire tree’s worth of pears, that I would like to learn hot to make jam this year. My friend, Sarah, promised to teach me. Yes, I know. Jam making is not difficult. But it is more fun with company. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas?

First up – Blueberry! I think we were a little short on berries, so Sarah tossed in some of her hand-picked wild ones. YUM!

Next – Blackberry!

Then Sarah loaned me her canning kit so I could do pear jam yesterday. I really wanted to do a pear-amaretto jam, but I couldn’t find a recipe and I’m not brave enough to start experimenting yet…

Had to go buy more jars, sugar and pectin, but I think I did alright. Just plain pear. How do I get the chunks to not float?

And the final result… Almost 3 dozen jars of jam. Anyone want some jam?!

I told hubby last night that I’d like to learn how to do pickles next. Specifically green beans. Really spicy ones to stick in a bloody mary. Mmmm…


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