Touch of Nectar

My father in law brought steaks and salmon over for grilling last night. I made up a quick pasta salad. So today’s bento is just leftovers. Tossed in a few more cherry tomatoes because I have way too many in the fridge. Some cherries to add something sweet. Easy lunch, but it will taste good.


{July 14, 2009}   Bento #52 and #53

I’ve been busy hiking and preparing hiker meals! But here’s a couple more bentos that I have made recently.

Bento52Rice and fish cakes in the large compartment.

Sauteed zucchini, edamame and a couple of fishies of soy sauce on the left.

Carrot sticks, laughing cow cheese wedge and (over ripe!!) pineapple on the right.

Bento53And this one is today’s lunch. More dinner leftovers.

Teriyaki chicken, steamed green beans. I tossed in some grape tomatoes for color (and because I discovered I have two boxes full of them in the fridge!)

Cabbage and carrot salad. In the little yellow container, there is some Green Goddess dressing for that. Vanilla yogurt and fresh raspberries.

I have chocolate in my desk drawer for dessert. 🙂

et cetera