Touch of Nectar

{June 25, 2009}   Bento #49 and #50 – the Sunshine Bento!

Yesterday’s bento was a mish-mash of stuff out of the refrigerator. Usually my bentos are dinner leftovers, but there were no dinner leftovers!

I always have  lots of fruits and veggies in the fridge, so there’s always something to eat and/or put inmy lunch. I like my rabbit food!

Cottage cheese, cherries and quail eggs. Strawberry jello, lichis and blueberries.

In the front: Teriyaki tofu, veggies and rice with vegetable furikake. There is Green Goddess Dressing in the little container.

I didn’t end up eating the rice. It was a bit dry. Would have been good to make fried rice out of though. Oh well.

I swear I wasn’t going for any sort of theme here. It is so bright and yellow! The Sunshine Bento! lol.  Once again, I had no dinner leftovers (except the peas) so I was winging it for lunch.

I pulled the pesto turkey patties out of the freezer. Even the paper liner they are in is yellow gingham. Tucked behind them are a couple of cheese wedges.

Pineapple, raspberries (I bought WAY too many!) and fresh mango. Dang it! I forgot my cut e picks yet again.

A big salad in the back. Nothing spectacular. Just greens and veggies. Green Goddess dressing in the little cup. Again, I didn’t pick the yellow one on purpose! That was the one that was clean!

I also have some wasabi rice crackers for a snack. After eating one last night, I don’t know if I will be able to eat them. They are eye-wateringly spicy! Might have to have chocolate instead. Oh, poor me. lol.


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