Touch of Nectar

{June 3, 2009}   I Can’t Finish Anything!

Circle ShrugSo instead of working on the Mud Season sweater that I only have a few rows left on, I’ve been working on something else. A Circle Shrug.

The construction of this is really kind of clever. You take your measurements, then cast on and knit according to them. The whole thing is done flat, sort of an hourglass shape, then seamed together into a shrug. The “right” side is a simple 1×1 rib and the “wrong” side is simply purl 1, slip 1. It is going FAST! 

I’m using Cascade 220 yarn and I’m loving how fluffy it is knitting up. Seems weird to be knitting with nice thick wool on 90* days though. Oh well.


littlemisscrochet says:

I have the same problem! but you have gotten much farther than i have on any of my projects! Keep up the good work! It will come!

jomomma says:

You are so smart to knit ‘off season’, I always try to do that, but…. What do you mean “take your measurements?”

Go look at the pattern… you measure your shoulders then do some simple math to figure out how much to cast on and how many inches of each section to knit. I cheated a bit and found someone on Ravelry that had the same measurements as me and skipped the math. I hate math!

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