Touch of Nectar

Today’s bento is made up of leftovers remixed from a couple of night’s dinners.

On the left is vanilla yogurt, cherries and mangos (breakfast), green beans, boiled quails eggs, radishes and olives (snack).

On the right is fresh pineapple, spring rolls (made from leftover tofu stir fry, cabbage, rice noodles and snow peas) and a small container of ginger dressing for dipping.

Not terribly exciting, but it’s monday. Meh. I’m just bummed that I left my desk-drawer-chocolate restocking supply sitting on the kitchen counter. No afternoon chocolate for me today. 😦


Yesterday’s bento was a mish-mash of stuff out of the refrigerator. Usually my bentos are dinner leftovers, but there were no dinner leftovers!

I always have  lots of fruits and veggies in the fridge, so there’s always something to eat and/or put inmy lunch. I like my rabbit food!

Cottage cheese, cherries and quail eggs. Strawberry jello, lichis and blueberries.

In the front: Teriyaki tofu, veggies and rice with vegetable furikake. There is Green Goddess Dressing in the little container.

I didn’t end up eating the rice. It was a bit dry. Would have been good to make fried rice out of though. Oh well.

I swear I wasn’t going for any sort of theme here. It is so bright and yellow! The Sunshine Bento! lol.  Once again, I had no dinner leftovers (except the peas) so I was winging it for lunch.

I pulled the pesto turkey patties out of the freezer. Even the paper liner they are in is yellow gingham. Tucked behind them are a couple of cheese wedges.

Pineapple, raspberries (I bought WAY too many!) and fresh mango. Dang it! I forgot my cut e picks yet again.

A big salad in the back. Nothing spectacular. Just greens and veggies. Green Goddess dressing in the little cup. Again, I didn’t pick the yellow one on purpose! That was the one that was clean!

I also have some wasabi rice crackers for a snack. After eating one last night, I don’t know if I will be able to eat them. They are eye-wateringly spicy! Might have to have chocolate instead. Oh, poor me. lol.

Huh. Interesting. Yesterday’s post was #100. Woot. That should mean something, right? Don’t ask me what.

Here is bento #48. It is mostly dinner leftovers with some extras added in.

On the left  is edamame, some steamed bok choy and fish patties/cakes from H-mart. I wouldn’t have normally bought them, but it was tasting day and they are GOOD!  Also some rice sprinkled with tomago-sesame furikake (egg). The littly fishy contains soy sauce.

On the right is a seaweed salad with a cherry tomato for color, quail eggs, cucumber slices and radishes. There is Green Goddess dressing in the little monkey for dipping the veggies in.  Cherries, lichis and cottage cheese.

Simple, but tasty lunch/breakfast. I’m getting better at getting more variety in my diet. 🙂


No chocolate?! Say it ain’t so… Not to worry. I have a secret stash hidden in my desk. 🙂

Today’s breakfast/lunch bento consists of lots of fruit and very little meat! We’ve been eating WAY too much meat for dinner lately (much to hubby’s pleasure). I went as vegetarian as possible for my lunch today.

The box on the left is “breakfast”. Fresh raspberries, grapes, boiled quails eggs, liches and Laughing Cow cheese wedges.  A couple of cherry tomatoes for filler. I’ll have the strawberry jello for dessert later.

The box on the right contains a hickory smoked tuna filled onigiri with vegetable furikake, cucumber, yellow bell pepper and teriyaki marinated, pan fried tofu. Green goddess dressing in the little container for dipping the veggies.

{June 19, 2009}   Bento-Italiano (sort of) #46

Dinner last night was sauteed mahi mahi in marinade from TJ’s. Since I don’t really like leftover fish (with the exception of tuna/salmon cakes) I needed to raid the fridge and freezer for today’s lunch.

I found the pesto turkey burgers I made last week and decided to go with a theme, more or less.  Under the turkey burgers there are some red/yellow roasted red peppers from a jar (also TJs). I have the turkey burgers in a divider cup so they won’t get soggy. They look a little strange because they were still frozen when I snapped the photo. I usually make my lunch the night before, so they will be thawed by lunchtime.

There was fresh basil and heirloom cherry/grape tomatoes in the fridge that need eating, so I grabbed on of the kidling’s string cheese sticks and made mini caprese skewers. The rest is just spinach salad with olives, yellow bell pepper and carrots. There are 3 radishes tucked in there too. I’m always surprised at how much food this small box can hold!

In front there is also a small container of Annie’s Green Goddess dressing, some TJ’s animal cookies for dessert (oh, how I want some nutella to dip these in!).

In the sidecar there is fruit (watermelon, cherries, grapes and blueberries) and a laughing cow cheese wedge for breakfast/snack/dessert.

Everything but the cookies fit in the box. 🙂


Bento #45

On the left: BBQ orange chicken, sweet potatoes, corn , blackeyed pea salad (with about 4 times the called for basil),
On the right: cherries, laughing cow cheese wedges (excellent with the dark cherries!), grapes, dark chocolate orange sticks, teddy grahams


Bento #46

On the left: Boiled egg, cherries, blackeyed pea salad, dark chocolate orange sticks
On the right: cherry tomatoes, laughing cow cheese, BBQ orange chicken, sauteed mushrooms and spinach, sweet potatoes
Trail bar – may or may not eat.

I felt like I ate WAY too much food yesterday. I didn’t even finish all of my lunch/breakfast. I chose a smaller box and made things a bit lighter for today. Again, this is breakfast AND lunch. Plus I wanted to include the chevre balls (aka Goat Cheese Truffles) I made over the weekend.

In the back left – the last of my (not in the freezer) hickory smoked tuna stuffed onigiri with salmon furikake, baked tofu cubes

In the back right – fruit: watermelon, blueberries and grapes

In the front – salad with chevre balls, egg, red bell pepper sticks, heirloom cherry tomatoes, avacado

On the side – dark chocolate orange sticks (TJ’s) and salad dressing

Had the onigiri been filled with mushrooms (or something) and topped with a different furikake, this would have been a vegetarian bento. Woot!

Hmmm… looking at the pic… I should really start using some of the fancy, pretty picks I have for the fruit and tofu. They make my lunches so cute! I’ll try and remember that for next time.

{June 15, 2009}   Bento #43 – A new box!

On Saturday, the kidling and I wandered into a dollar store and found this box! I bought two. She picked the pink lid. I picked orange (also in turquoise and green – might go back for more). I like these because I can put both my breakfast and lunch in them and they snap all together.

On Sunday, I had time so I did a bit of lunch prep for the week (and future). I made a HUGE pot of sushi rice and made Spam Musubi. I’ve never made it before, but I’ve always wanted to. It would have been easier if I had a mold, but I made it work.

I also made some onigiri. Those I do have molds for. The larger size I filled with Hickory Smoked Tuna (from a foil packet). A bit dry, but very tasty. Lots of extras got wrapped up and put into the freezer.

Other preperations included boiling eggs,  making jello cups and cleaning/slicing fruits and veggies (watermelon, grapes, radishes and green beans) so I can just grab them and pack.

Breakfast on the left, lunch on the right.

Banana yogurt and grapes
Cherries and strawberry jello

boiled egg, edamame, spam musubi
radishes, onigiri stuffed with hickory smoked tuna (from a package) and sprinkled with furikake
red bell pepper

{June 12, 2009}   I finished it!!!

I started the Mud Season (Ravelry link) sweater last month. It is a short sleeved, top down raglan. Super easy. And a great pattern for an uber beginner like myself. I bought the yarn on sale, thinking/hoping it wouldn’t pool too terribly… Ack! Boy was I wrong.

Not only did it pool, I got stripes. Big wide abnoxious stripes. A friend in my knitting group said I had to wear it to a Van Halen concert. I told this to hubby and he laughed and said “no, Def Leppard!” Thanks guys.

So tell me, what do you think? Is it awful? Should I overdye it? (Most likely in black) I’m not going to frog it. I’m too proud of myself for completing an acutally grown up sized garment!


{June 12, 2009}   Bento #41 and #42

pasta salad with crab, artichokes and sundried tomatoes
mandarine oranges, chocolate covered mini marshmellows
grape tomatoes, laughing cow cheese, carrot sticks and snap peas
crackers carried seperately

rice with tofu, tomatoes, onions and garlic
mandarine oranges and chocolate covered mini marshmellows
snap peas, carrots, cheese slices
crackers – not shown

et cetera