Touch of Nectar

{May 31, 2009}   A Buncha Bentos #33, 34, 35

I’ve been doing the bento thing for lunch. I’ve even been taking photos. Getting them posted on the blog is a whole other story! Here are three recent ones.  Lots of salad! It’s summertime! 🙂

The first, #33, is a tossed green salad, topped with a lentil and corn salad (in a red wine vinaigrette), leftover honey mustard pork tenderloin and fresh strawberries and watermelon.

The second, #34, is another tossed salad, topped with leftover peas, cottage cheese topped with canned diced peaches, a leftover chicken leg and dressing for the salad. I stuck a few mango gummy candies in this one after I had taken the photo.

The last, #35, has more salad, with sliced radishes, canned peaches, three bean salad (from the deli – it was a little on the sweet side), and leftover (homemade) fake hamburger helper.


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