Touch of Nectar

{May 14, 2009}   It’s finished! OMG it’s finished!!

I can’t believe I finally finished it! I’ve only been working on this sucker since the end of January! There’s about a million mistakes. It is too big for the Madster (I did that on purpose) and the buttons are a tad too small for the buttonholes, but it’s mine. I made a sweater!! **Pats self on back**

The pattern is the Seed Stitch Cardigan that I found on Ravelry. It is an easy enough pattern. Not sure I want to tackle that much seaming again. The whole thing is done in five pieces, flat, then seamed together. I think the sleeves would have looked better in the end if they were done in the round instead of seamed.

Ah well. Live and learn. It’s DONE!! 

But… now what?!  I know! A sweater for me… **scurries of to shop for yarn**


jomomma says:

Good job! I remember my first sweater… it was a lesson in gauge. Not the correct yarn for the pattern, I made it anyway (as my Aunt/teacher/mentor sat there and let me learn from my mistakes.) I wore it for the first time on a trip to Sam’s. When I returned the sleeves had grown to where they hung past my knees. My husband looked at me and said “Do we know any Orangutans that need a green sweater?” It was quiet funny.

I’m not a fan of seaming either, but it’s part of the process.

My first was the one for my daughter. I didn’t do a guage swatch, but just went ahead and knitted it in the largest size for the pattern. She ain’t gonna get any smaller, right? lol. It is a little big on her, but that’s good. She will be able to wear it for awhile. 🙂

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