Touch of Nectar

{March 14, 2009}   Bento Lunch Prep


I read about this on  blog somewhere and thought it was a great idea for my bento lunches. Mini quiches! They are made in muffin tins.

I used store bought pie dough. Half of the box was enough dough to do six mini quiches (very generous with the dough). I filled the quiches with leftover diced prosciutto, five kinds of cheese and fresh basil, but you could use absoultely anything in these. A great way to use up leftovers! They can be made vegetarian or very plain. I used 6 eggs and about an equal amount of milk – that was a tiny bit too much with all the fillings I put in.

I was shocked how much they puffed up, but they sank back down again as they cooled. These, with a mixed green salad will be wonderful in my lunches this week. Eaten hot or cold. Next time I will make a full dozen and freeze half of them.

How do they taste? Amazing! I’m having a hard time not eating them all up before they go in my lunches! LOL.


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