Touch of Nectar

{March 13, 2009}   Quickie Dinner – Pizza

pizza1Just a quick and easy dinner last night.

Trader Joes has ready-made pizza dough in a couple of different flavors – for a little over $1/each. When it’s that cheap, I don’t feel bad about being too lazy to make my own!

I usually have some dough stashed in the freezer. I just restocked for more pizzas in the near future.  Last night’s pizza was made with their herb crust, homemade tomato sauce, diced onions, proscuitto, fresh basil and 4 kinds of cheese.

I’m getting pretty good at stretching out the dough. I’ve found that if you let it sit and rise for a good 15 minutes, it makes it easier to form the crust. I’d love to be able to do the tossing/shaping thing, but I’m just not that coordinated. I pulled the dough out into a more-or-less pizza shape and put it on my Pampered Chef pizza stone. I let the crust bake for about 5 minutes before adding the sauce and toppings. This makes a non-soggy pizza.

Of course, we can’t have pizza and movie night without a good bottle of wine to go with it! Last night’s wine was a bottle of Rex Goliath Pinot Noir aka 47 Pound Rooster. One of our favorites. Very affordable and very drinkable. Under $10 for a Pinot. Awesome!  Great night. The movie, however was terrible! It was the 70’s cartoon version of Lord of the Rings. Awful. Just awful. We didn’t even finish watching it.


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