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{March 11, 2009}   A Parrot in the Pepper Tree – Book Review

First I have to tell you the history of this tattered little book. I belong to Bookcrossing, which is a website that allows you to follow books on their journey in life. You “register” each book and it gets a number, which is used to track the book as it travels from person to person. Sounds a bit Big Brother-ish? It’s not! You can remain annonymous if you choose to. Bookcrossing also has forums to discuss what you are reading or trade books with other members.

One of the forums is specifically for book “rings” and “rays”. Someone starts with a book and people sign up to read it. It gets passed (mailed) from one person to the next until the end of the ring/ray. Rings go back to the original owner of the book and rays continue on their way. Often a new ray is started by the person at the end so the book can travel more.

Anyway, there is a LOT more to Bookcrossing, but I have a lot of fun seeing where my books have traveled and reading what others think about the same books I’ve read…

parrot-in-the-pepper-tree-bookThis book is from a ring I signed up for. The poor little thing got lost in the mail for almost two weeks. When it arrived it looked like this. Tattered and well loved.

At some point the book was completely falling apart, so someone put a ring binding on it so that it could continue on its way. It is still completely readable. It’s nice to see people expressing such love for books.

This is the sort of sequel to Driving Over Lemons, which I read a couple of years ago. Both books are about a couple’s life in Andulucia, Spain. Non-Fiction

I must say, I think I enjoyed Driving Over Lemons more than this one.  Too bad too, because I was really looking forward to it. I do like how each chapter is a different story about the author’s life in Andalucia, but I was expecting to see more of his wife and daughter in the book and less about his personal history.

The chapter about the bird (which the book is named for) annoyed me. I dislike birds. I don’t think they make good pets. They certainly wouldn’t be sticking around my house very long if one was attacking me… But I can see how some people find this chapter funny.

My favorite chapter was the one where he had to write notes to the bus driver and school head master. That was funny!

In general, this is a good book. I’m not sorry I read it, but I won’t be looking for more books by Chris Stewart. Now I need to find out where I am to send this little book so it can continue on its way.  16 readers so far!

For the record, this is book #5 in my 52 Week Book Challenge… I need to get reading!


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