Touch of Nectar

{March 5, 2009}   Treats for Troops needs help.

Treats for Troops  is becoming a victim of the economy, we need to help if we can. Deborah Crane, the creator of TFT is a friend that I met via a backpacking message board. She is an amazing caring woman, and she needs our help.

This is what she has to say about TFT:

When I started Treats for Troops over five years ago I was determined to do whatever it took to turn my dream of supporting our troops year round into reality. I gave TFT my all. I invested most of my savings, and took out loans and lines of credit and credit cards. I put together a team of people who share my dream, and care about our mission.

Today we’re the most popular provider of care packages for our troops. But my dream is turning into a nightmare that threatens TFT’s survival. I had my goal of being debt free in sight when the economy went to hell in a hand basket last year. Orders started falling faster than the stock market. I discovered our Web site needed a vital and very expensive security update. And I had to cross my fingers that the holidays would be good, and borrow even more to buy the inventory we needed…

Read more here.

So please share with your friends, , This is for the troops and for a friend. Thanks!


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