Touch of Nectar

{February 27, 2009}   Dinner from the Pantry

Whew! It’s been awhile. I even had to reset my password because I couldn’t remember what it was! I’ll try and be more timely with my posts.

Last night dinner had to be pulled from the pantry and freezer. I was feeling uninspired, but in the end dinner turned out to be wonderful.

I chopped up an onion and sauteed it with some bacon. When everything was cooked, I added a can of tomatoes. Tossed with some linguini, topped with fresh grated Parmesan and served with bread. Simple, but delicious!


{February 3, 2009}   Allow me to brag… Happy news.

After a lot of hard work and waiting… My book is now available on Amazon!! I’m so freaking excited I can’t stand it! ūüėÄ Oh happy day!!

One Pan Wonders ~ Backcountry Cooking at it’s Finest

{February 3, 2009}   Bento #28 and 29

bento281It seems like I keep getting behind with posting, so I’m posting bentos two at a time these days. Oh well I guess.

This bento is just take-out dinner leftovers. Lots of veggie sticks, mandarine oranges, applesauce, foccacia bread and steak (cut up). The little container has bleu cheese dressing  for dipping the veggies. Good lunch!





bento29More dinner leftovers and more veggies. More bleu cheese dip, teddy grahams, salad (I ended up only eating the radishes) and chicken that was cooked in a ginger marinade.

et cetera