Touch of Nectar

{January 7, 2009}   WIP – Blanket for the Madster

maddys-blanket This is almost done! A few more evenings in front of the TV and it will be.

For those on Ravelry, the pattern I am using is Bubbles Baby Blanket, but I doubled the starting chain length.

The Madster kept stealing my dad’s afghan xmas present when I wasn’t working on it, so I promised I would make her one of her own. lol.

I found this uber soft yarn at JoAnn Fabrics, on sale for $1.99/skein (normally $5.99) and snatched up all they had. Oops. I accidently got a couple of different colorways. That is why there is a green stripe. BUT!! I made it work. I ended up needing more yarn, so I visited a different JoAnns and found more of the same yarn for $1.49/skein. The blanket will take about 12 skeins total by the time it is finished. With 3 green strips and the rest a pale yellow.

I am going to do a green shell edge when I’m finished.  Oh so snuggly!!


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