Touch of Nectar

{December 15, 2008}   Current Project – Granny Squares

I decided that the back of my couch needed an old-fashioned granny square afghan.  Call it a Christmas present to myself. My couch is a dusty sage green, and both the hubby and I like “natural” colors.  Picking the colors was HARD. There are so many great yarns in lots of great colors. I finally decided on a wool-acrylic blend (washable!) in olive, chocolate, cream and silvery gray. The gray ended up looking more blue than gray as I worked it into the squares, but I think it looks okay.

I am working two squares of each possible color combination, which will give me 48 squares total. I have about 12 squares left to crochet. They go really fast! I am still undecided about how I am going to join them together. I’m toying with the idea of a 5th color – either a lighter green or tan. I may just end up buying the yarn and playing around to see how it looks.

More photos later! 🙂


ollda97 says:

granny squares are fabulous, hope it went well.

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