Touch of Nectar

{December 8, 2008}   Simple but Delicious – Dinner and Dessert

pasta-cheese-and-treesBroccoli, cheese and noodles are my daughter’s favorite foods, so when I found the “Pasta, Cheese and Trees” recipe via Every Day with Rachael Ray, I knew I was going to have to make it for her.Brunch Peach Parfait originally comes from my 365 Easy Low Calorie Recipes book. I love this series of books! The recipes in them are alway excellent and often very adaptable. This one was no exception.

This is a super easy and versitile recipe. The ingredients are basically pasta (I used farfalle), broccoli and two cheeses; ricotta and Parmesan. I sauteed some onions for just a little more flavor. Great comfort food dinner! You could easily add leftover ham, turkey or chicken to this.

peach-parfaitI had some leftover peaches from a peach-glazed pork recipe I had made a couple of nights ago. Hubby apparently “doen’t like cooked peaches” so it was up to me to eat them. RecipeZaar to the rescue again! This recipe for

It calls for fresh peaches, vanilla yogut and crushed graham crackers. I used cooked peaches, but canned or another fruit would be just as good. And it is a very healthy dessert too!

btw – the glass isn’t dirty. It looks that way because I smeared yogurt on the inside as I was making the parfait. I tried to wipe it off for the photo, but I think I made it worse. lol.


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