Touch of Nectar

{November 18, 2008}   Fusion Sushi – Bento #16

bento16Yesterday I had lunch at this really great teriyaki place near work. They had bentos on the menu! So for lunch yesterday I got to have a bento made by someone else! It contained rice, teriyaki chicken, gyozas, salad, edamame in the shell and California rolls.

I liked the box it came in so much, I kept it for my lunch today. My sushi rolls are a bit of an experiment. For the rice, I used a lemongrass and ginger rice mix from Thai Kitchen. I gave a full review of it on my other blog – One Pan Wonders.

Wrapped up with the flavored rice is carrot shreds, cucumber strips and tofu. I included a couple of little fishies filled with soy sauce and some pickled ginger to go along with the sushi.

Also in the box is edamame, boiled quail eggs, radishes, salad and steamed sweet potatoes. It looks like a lot, but I will eat it throughout the day, so it should be perfect!


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