Touch of Nectar

{October 27, 2008}   Bacon Cheddar Bread

We ran out of bread yesterday and hubby needed some for sandwiches for work. Time to pull out the bread machine! I love the bread machine. Just dump and let it do its thing.

Every time I make bread, I try a different recipe. I had limited ingredients this time around, so I raided the fridge to see what I could find – leftover bacon! And a small hunk of cheddar cheese. Perfect!


The bread was done before dinner was ready, so of course Hubby had to have a steaming hot loaf drowned in butter. You could smell the bacon and see the little flecks of red/brown throughout the loaf. The outside of the loaf was nice and crusty, but the inside was soft and moist. Perfect for sandwiches for this week.

If it lasts that long.


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