Touch of Nectar

{October 16, 2008}   Curly Pasta With Spinach and Chickpeas (and Bento #4)

Last night I made Curly Pasta With Spinach and Chickpeas for dinner. This is super fast and easy meal to put together. I used bucati spaghetti from Trader Joes (photo is of the curly type). It is basically a hollow spaghetti, great for catching sauces, or in this case, olive oil and garlic. The fusili bucati would have made the dish even prettier. As always, the Madster inhaled her pasta. She loves noodles!

Simple in ingredients, and fast to put together this was a great weeknight meal. Very filling and satisfying. I used crumbled prosciutto instead of pancetta, but if you wanted to make this vegetarian, Bac-O’s would work too.

I had quite a bit of leftovers, so dinner became today’s lunch. The chickpeas sort of sink to the bottom of the pan, so you see lots of them on top of the dish. Accompanied with some green beans and sauteed yellow squash.

Lunch looked a bit small, so I also packed a grapefruit for snack. And I have chocolate in my desk drawer (for emergencies – lol) for dessert.


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