Touch of Nectar

{October 6, 2008}   Green Tea Noodles

Yesterday I visited Ranch 99, an Asian market near my house. I always have so much fun going there. I came home with a whole cart load of goodies – mushrooms and tofu as well as some delicious noodles.

Green Tea Soba Noodles!! They were just so pretty in the package, I couldn’t resist getting them.  But how should they be prepared?

I started the water boiling for the noodles, then sauteed some shrimp and onions with a little oil and soy sauce. I then added lots of lime zest and fresh ginger. I added the broccoli spears at the last minute.  I think the pink shrimp and dark green broccoli against the paler green noodles is stunning. And dinner was delicious!

Not surprisingly, my daughter scarfed down her meal (all her favorite things – broccoli, noodles and shrimp) but shocking to me was that Hubby liked the noodles!  I thought for sure he would say they were “weird”. Yay!!  The only thing I think I would do differently is to add just a little more oil – the noodles were just a tad dry.


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